Brady Michael Fullerton




2019                Ph.D. in Philosophy (The University of Guelph) – In Progress


2016                Master of Arts in Philosophy (The University of Guelph)


2013                Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (The University of Calgary)


Work Experience


2017/2018       Graduate Teaching Assistant (The University of Guelph)


2018                Graduate Research Assistant (The University of Guelph)


2016/2017       Freelance Writer


2014/2016       Graduate Teaching Assistant (The University of Guelph)


2012/2014       General Manager and Chief Safety Officer (Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd.)


2008/2012       Machine Operator (Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd.)


Honors and Awards


2017                Graduate Excellence Entrance Scholarship (GEES) – The University of                              Guelph


2017                Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) – Ryerson MFA (Declined)


2016                Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral                                Fellowship – The University of Guelph (Deferred)


2015                Canadian Graduate Scholarship – Masters (CGS-M) – The University of                              Guelph


2015                Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) – The University of Guelph                                          (Declined)


2014                Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) – Ryerson MA (Declined)


2014                Ontario Graduate Fellowship – Ryerson MA (Declined)


2014/2015       Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Supplement (GRATS) – The                                        University of Guelph


2014                Dean’s Scholarship 2014 – The University of Guelph


2012                Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) – The                                        University of Calgary


Presentations, Publications and Exhibitions


2019                Guest Presentation to graduate class on the work of Ellen Dissayanake


2015                Towards a Cultural Evolutionary Account of an Aesthetics of Problem                                  Solving. The Western Canadian Philosophical Association Annual                                        Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada


2014                dOCUMENTA (13): Liminality and Aesthetic Experience. The Little Gallery:                          University of Calgary – Part of the Exposure Photography Festival


2013                Liminality and Aesthetics: Exploring the Aesthetic Experience. The                                      International Association for Philosophy and Literature (IAPL), Singapore,                            Singapore


2013                Liminality and Aesthetics: Exploring the Aesthetic Experience. Papers                                  Please: Knowledge at the Borders of Disciplinarity Graduate Program in                              Humanities, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2012                Liminality and Aesthetics. The International Association for Philosophy and                          Literature (IAPL), Tallinn, Estonia


2012                Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”: Jean-Luc Godard                          as Alternative Cinema. Crash/Cut: University of Calgary Undergraduate                              Film Journal. (1): 11-13.


2010                The Dialectic of Myth in Mas Se Perdio (We Lost More). Answer Print.                                19(1): 12-14.